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internet keeps dropping.

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internet keeps dropping.



i was curious as to whether anyone other than the plusnet staff would have a suggestion as to what the issue is. since Friday at 10:30 my internet has been down, the broadband lights been on fine. ive  rebooted the router, switch to another router, re configured the routers, switched the filters and even been out to buy a new router, ive managed to get the connection back up but it is often dropping. i believe its an issue with plusnets authenticating with my router.


ive attached the log, would appreciate any advice please, as getting urked as i have work to do,  Engineer is out on wednesday. 

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Re: internet keeps dropping.

sorry no log here that I can see, you don't say what routers you are using, can you log in to either of them and get a stats page ? that would be extremely useful if you could post it here. I am afraid there are many reasons why the link may be unstable. Perhaps your fault has gone away or become permanent as you have not posted since Friday ?

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