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installation of new broadband phone line from street

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installation of new broadband phone line from street

Hi, I am currently a plusnet customer with phone and broadband. I am moving home and  the property has virgin fibre installed for broadband and telephone. Because of this there doesn't seem to be a BT line from the pole in the street to the house like all the other houses. My question is...can I get fibre broadband from you and if so what would this entail installation wise? (the virgin  wiring is very messy on the outside of the house so I'd want to take this back to the street and start again if possible.)  If not fibre is it possible for you to install a line from scratch from the pole to the house so I can have broadband and phone as in my old property? Many thanks.
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Re: installation of new broadband phone line from street

The virgin network is totally and completely separate from the BT network.
If they really is no physical BT type line to the house, to connect it BT will need to find a 'spare line pair' at the nearest junction box  to the house and run a drop cable to the house and fit a termination NTE box inside. Then connect up the spare pair at the exchange end to a live port.
The virgin cabling will not be touched in anyway.
Standard BT type fibre FTTC broadband is only fibre as far as the local BT distribution box  in the area after that is comes via the copper telephone cables - the fibre does not go to the house.
Full fibre FTTP to the property is only available is a very few areas in the UK and is only under trial by plusnet and is not yet a full product.