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frequent disconnects since phone line fixed

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frequent disconnects since phone line fixed

We had DSL problems last week resulting in a BTO engineer visit lastTuesday.  He replaced the sockets where the line comes into the house, and problem seemed to be fixed.  Siince then we have had v fast speeds but still with intermittent disconnects.  Router stats today:
Basic Status
System Up Time:4 day(s) 15:48:38
Line Status:Connected
DSL Modulation Type:ADSL_2plus
Annex Type:Annex A/L
Upstream Downstream
Current Rate (Kbps) 440 18724
Max Rate (Kbps) 888 18556
SNR Margin (dB) 25.5 2.7
Line Attenuation (dB) 8.5 21.9
Errors (Pkts) 0 0
Should the downstream SNR Margin be so low? Any advice from those who understand these things on what might help?  I would happily trade some speed for a more stable connection.    (I have reported continuing connection problems on the Plusnet site but no response yet..)
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Re: frequent disconnects since phone line fixed

Hey judithps12,
The SNR does look abit low and if you are seeing disconnections, I would recommend we increase this slightly.
I've arranged for this to be done and set the SNR at 6db which I believe will keep the line stable. If you can give it a few hours and then keep an eye on things over the next few days that would be great.
Let me know how you get on.