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email delivery delayed

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email delivery delayed

Recipients tell me my emails are often delivered out of chronological order, and may even be a day late. Can this be true? If so could it be because I migrated from BT Internet to Plusnet and am still using the BT router. My landline account is with Plusnet.

I hope someone can explain what's going on!

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: email delivery delayed


Hi Resto,


Thanks for getting in touch.


This largely depends on which email address you're using to send your emails and which email provider the recipients are using (there is a fairly well discussed issue with mail hitting free Gmail accounts for example).


Assuming that you're using a Plusnet email address (please correct me if I'm wrong), could you please advise whether you're using our Webmail application to do this, or whether you're using an email client (eg, Outlook etc).


Do the delayed emails follow any sort of pattern? Eg, are they consistent to one email provider (recipient) or subject? Do they contain attachments or email links?


We'd need more info in order to help you narrow this down, so if you could talk us through what you're seeing without disclosing any personal information that would be helpful.


Best wishes



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Re: email delivery delayed

@Resto wrote:

..l could it be because I migrated from BT Internet to Plusnet and am still using the BT router. 


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