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eak 458k down 714k up

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Registered: ‎03-07-2009

eak 458k down 714k up

hi just as i sat down at the pc i fired up dmt tool to see how the line was looking and the snr margin at the time appeared to be fine and so did the sync speed which was roughly 3600k then the router suddenly resynced and to my horror connected at 458k down and 714k up with a signal to noise margin of 32db.  I know the connections asynchronous but surely thats in the wrong direction  Undecided   The only thing that comes to mind is there was a power cut last night around 3am.
i dont know whats up but i still think something unusual is happening which isnt internal to the house. All im after is roughly a stable 3mb give or take 0.5.

Anyone any suggestions as to what router's plays nice with  21cn TSTC Texas Instruments dslams.  Ive currently tried a st585 v6, st585 v7, Dg834 v4 & a 2wire 2700hgv

thanks defiant