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connecting my Panasonic MR-HW220 HD Freeview recorder to internet

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connecting my Panasonic MR-HW220 HD Freeview recorder to internet

I changed from Sky to Plusnet recently for phone and broadband provision.The Panasonic unit was working fine, connecting to the internet but when I changed to Plusnet the unit wouldn't connect to the internet.I  use this unit for internet connection because my 6  yr. old child is safer accessing the internet - the Panasonic unit has a restricted internet function.
I have contacted both companies by phone for advice, each say that their equipment is working and refer me to the other company.
I have reset the Panasonic unit to the 'Shipping settings' following the instructions from Panasonic then  gone to Easy Network Settings to connect the internet. The unit ran thru and passed two of the stages,
LAN cable connection Tongueass and  IP addresssetting:Home network available
but at the 3rd stage , connection to gateway: Fail. The error message on screen was as follows; connection to internet function is not possible and access is restricted to home network. Please check settings of broadband router.
Following another  call to Plusnet service for advice they  advised again that I contact Panasonic or post a message on this site incase anyone knows a solution to this problem.Plusnet said that they don't advise on 3rd party equipment connected to their routers, Can anyone help.
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Re: connecting my Panasonic MR-HW220 HD Freeview recorder to internet

Hi and welcome to the forums.
You need to check that the unit is configured to use DHCP to get an IP address and DNS information. I've downloaded the manual and the network settings are described on page 72
Check that “IP Address Auto-assignment” and “DNS-IP Auto-assignment” are set to “On”.
Are you connecting to the router using Wireless or Cable ?