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connect dropping and low performence

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connect dropping and low performence

Ive noticed the last couple months my connection has been getting worse and worse.
Im on the old premier account so i get 20gb peak from 4pm-midnight.
i often hit the warning by the end of the month. last couple months ive noticed connections to such things as iplayer have been poor. among other thing. like http downloads.
what might be related but i dont think it is:
Just recently(last week or so) my router has dropped out a number of times, i lose all connection what is odd i still have a network connection to my other computers/servers so i would assume its a adsl problem but when it happens i can't log into my router either. (Which indicated a router problem) Confused :/
ive never had a problem before ive been a plusnet customer maybe 5 or more years now. My exchange is fine. its one of the quietest you can get. without any LLU or bt ADSL2 trials Sad
any ideas would be greatly appricated
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Re: connect dropping and low performence

Hi Will,
It sounds like your router is dropping synchronisation with the BT exchange briefly.
I'd suggest initially trying to change your microfilter and ensure that you are connecting to your master socket with all other telephony devices detached.  Then see if you still experience the drops in your connection.
If you do hits the warnings, and you're currently on management level 2, you will see slowdowns.