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cod4 PS3 hosting fault

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cod4 PS3 hosting fault

Hello everyone,
Its been a while since i have posted here, i have been minus a pc and unable to log on.  anyway lets get down to business.
I've been with plusnet for a while now, and so far havent had any major problems.  But, i have stumbled across a relatively new one.  It seems up until now i have never hosted a game on cod4 on ps3.  Suddenly though, i seem to be hosting quite a number of them, im not sure why this changed, or why i have never hosted a game before, but eh.  The problem is, anytime i am hosting a game, and we start, the match ends in a draw instantly, spamming my screen with the error message "unkown cmd xpartymigrateafterround"
ive never had this problem with virgin media when hosting, likewise i was constantly host of games when with them, but since he switch, although the lag hasnt been as inconsistent, i am rarely host, when i am, it fails.
Has anyone else suffered this, or know the answer, i have browsed a million boards including ps3, infinityward and cod4 boards, all to no avail.
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Re: cod4 PS3 hosting fault

It looks like its quite a common problem but no-one seems to know the solution.