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bt voyager 2110 and e mule

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bt voyager 2110 and e mule

I have a wirless router a BT voyager 2110 and i want to forward tcp and udp ports to use emule i have done all the job with emule and my firewall but in my router configuration and i didn't know exactly what i have to do.
I have done port forwading for e mule in other router but this one is more complicated:
So please if someone have done this configuration before plz tell me how i have to do it.
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Re: bt voyager 2110 and e mule

I assume port forwarding on the Voyager 2110 is set-up in similar manner to that on the Voyager 210.
Go to its Web interface
Click Advanced… on the left-hand menu.
Click Advanced… in the centre of the page.
You will need to login (admin and admin are the default username and password).
Click Virtual Server in the middle of the Configuration list.
Click Port Forwarding in the Blue Box at the top of the page.
Click the Add button.
Check whether the application you want is a predefined one.
If not select User Defined and fill in the boxes as appropriate.
Click Apply to store the entries.
If you need more than 3 User Defined port ranges, do another Add.
I think that should cover what you need.