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bt homehub 3

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bt homehub 3

just set up a NEW  bt hub 3 works well with plusnet ,brand new router will i have to disable the bt wifi fon or do you have to be on bt broadband for this to work ...i am on unlimited with plusnet.but when i checked my usage it said i had used 1.2 gb when i had only been on for 2.5 hours thats what makes me think the router is giving off free internet for others to pick up ...spoke with plusnet about it but they said has it was a bt router they could only give me plusnet id and my password and could not or    { 0r would not } give me any more help in setting it up.....hope somebody can help ....if know i am on unlimited but using that much in a short time seems a lot....if there  is any body out there that can help please do so i shall be very grateful .....THANK YOU
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Re: bt homehub 3

Give it a compete reset. Then set it up again, this will disable the fon side.