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Product: Plusnet Unlimited (Contracted)





Hello. Thanks for choosing Plusnet broadband.
We're now processing your order.
For more information about our services, read our Welcome Pack.
Checking your details

We're nearly ready to order your broadband.

Checking your line

We've found a potential problem on your telephone line.
We'll look into this and will be in contact with you shortly.

First payment

We'll shortly be taking your first payment.
This includes any up-front fees and your first month's broadband subscription.

Activating your line

Your order has been sent to our supplier.

Hardware delivery

The order has not yet been placed
If you'd like to change your delivery address, you can do so any time before your hardware is sent out.

Broadband order

We'll let you know when your broadband is ready to use.

Phone line is working no problem that's up and running less then 24 hrs after placed order  and there was no broadband on the line so mac code isn't required. Hope its just a typo error

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Re: broadband

Hi Cearuillin,
Welcome to PlusNet and to the forums.  The Digital Care Team (DCT) the PlusNet staff who look after customer issues on here will now have gone home (forum cover is only M-F office hours) so please do not expect an authoritative update on here today.
I'm guessing from what you have posted that you are taking service telephone and broadband service on a new phone line I'm also guessing that you have moved home?  Is this a new phone line which you are taking over or is it completely new?  If it is a take over, there is the possibility that there was some other broadband service on the line which has yet to be removed.  If it is a brand new service, there might be some capacity issues requiring additional work from BTOR.
I'm sure that one of the 3 Chris' in DCT will provide an update soon.
Your router will not be despatched until there is a confirmed install / commission date for the broadband.

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Re: broadband

Its a new line that I'm taking over that had to be reactivated. Hopefully I'll get good news 2moro.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: broadband

Hi cearuilin,
I've checked your account and your broadband order is fine, not sure why that notification got generated.
Your broadband order is due to complete on the 23rd April, it's takes 5 working days and we have to take into account bank holiday this weekend.
I've dispatched your router and that will take a few days to get to you and I've also updated your ticket.