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boradband not connecting properly

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boradband not connecting properly

so basically my broadband connects with laptop, pc, phone etc. just fine except for 1 thing its saying connection is not secure ok since facebook my fav waste of time was since unavaiable due to that id turn on my xbox one which wont connect to the internet at all so i did the obvious turn it on leave it for half have a [-Censored-] make a coffee usual stuff right 30 mins later tuned it back on and nope still dont wanna work

so at this point getting fairly stressed so i check the wires i check the microfilter were using i restart the router a couple more times to no avail

so ive basically narrowed it down tpo 3 options

1. some problem with you guys

2. my dad and stepmum who are wierdly and uselessy scared of the wifi even though there surrounded by it who turn it off every night at 10 and back on in the morning at 8 IKR ridiculous so the one night im aloud to keep it on it [-Censored-] up so it may be caused by that

3. is maybe my dad is messing with the settings like disabling the nat type's or something to try and stop me from being on so late at night


so what id like to know is it a problem at your end before i go nuts at my dad

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Re: boradband not connecting properly

What's showing as not secure?

Is it the wifi connection? - If so you need to log in to the router and ensure that the wifi has security enabled.

If it's the specific website, make sure they are connecting over HTTPS, so for facebook that would be HTTPS://

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