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automatic speed limiting - not resetting and PN support

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automatic speed limiting - not resetting and PN support

I raised a fault with PN support saying that my line was dropping back on the 27th feb and a "fault" was identified on the line.  This was passed back to me as a potential wiring issue.  As I have my router in the master test socket all of the time (its a new build house) I pushed back and said no (its been stable for the past 3 years and I've not drilled any holes near it lately).
Anyway on the 3rd March I receive an update saying that a setting was identified on my line that was causing it to be speed limited.  A request had been submitted and I would be back in training mode for the next 10 days - fair enough.
Throughout this I lost my upload speed (reduced to under 1Mb (previously working fine at around 1Mb) and my download was testing about 8Mb (eventually) but previously I had been around 13Mb.
I've asked PN to offer a reason into this and a response comes back that they've asked for the cap to be removed and another line reset to occur with training again.
Whilst I understand that this could be down to their wholesale provider - I am somewhat disappointed that I'm now going to have to have another training period and if the first reset didn't fix it (it just capped it) what good will a second reset do?
Is it just me being impatient or is this an acceptable level of service as I feel that no-one is owning the issue and if I'm not constantly chasing it will just be passed from pillar to post with reset after reset being performed.....
Has anyone else had any issues like this?
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Re: automatic speed limiting - not resetting and PN support

There seems to be much confusion in your understanding of what is happening here.  This is not speed capping as such.  By the sound of things you have had two SNRM resets.  SNRM and synch speed are inextricably linked.  When SNRM goes up (due to noise or errors on the line being addressed by the DLM) synch goes down.  If the cause of the problem is not addressed, after a reset the DLM will simply re-manage the SNRM to achieve stability.
The source of the noise could be something in your home.  Go listen to Monday's edition of radio 4's you and yours programme discussing rein and shine.
Please also read the speed issues thread at the top of the adsl forum and post the requested information here.