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a tweak needed

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a tweak needed

My speed on my profile says 3gbs,my real speed is around 1.4gbs at the moment,give it a tweak somebody,would appreciate a little more speed closer to the 3 its saying on my profile.regards ray.
Grin Cheesy
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: a tweak needed

Hi there,
I'm afraid it's the profile on our side that has to follow and match up with what's set on our suppliers' side - that's currently at 1500 so I've matched it on your account. Not sure why it's dropped, it'd be worth making sure that your router is currently plugged in to the master phone socket (where the line comes into the house) and that everything else plugged into the line is done so through a microfilter - that'll give you the best possible sync speed. That should then lead to a profile increase on BTs side, which our side should pick up and match.