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Yet another slow broadband problem

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Yet another slow broadband problem


I am facing very slow broadband speeds. There was noise on the line (past few weeks) so an engineer was called out, but as luck was not on my side the noise had gone away when the engineer arrived yesterday.


The issue I have right now is that the broadband speed is very slow, I did all the usual checks but I am getting the following speeds




I was getting closer to the 8mbps previously. As mentioned in another thread - this may just require an update on my profile.


On another note:

The engineer ran some tests everthing came back ok except for the AC line balance which came back with a reading of 51 (dB?). He also ran a TDR which showed an issue at around 3.4m. Anyway the engineer didnt fancy climbing the pole (likely to be 3.4m from socket) as it was wet so he went down to the box, ran a few tests then came back saying that everything was ok but I have had this issue occur multiple times while I have been with plusnet, is there something else that could be done - perhaps switching my line to another line?




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Re: Yet another slow broadband problem

Hi there @irehman,

If the noise on the phone line has cleared up, then I'd definitely advise getting a broadband fault report opened so we can look in to the problems with that side of the service for you -



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