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Worst broadband ever.........

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Worst broadband ever.........

I've been with sky and bt over the years,but plusnet is the worst broadband that I have came across. My average speed is 1mp! Tired of phoning and waiting and being put on hold - problem does get fixed but only lasts 4 hrs if even that then it's back to normal. My neighbours speed came in at 13.3mp. Lucky him.

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Re: Worst broadband ever.........

I am on standard broadband and suffered from slowish speeds.

I purchased a new modem router - a TP link AC 1750 and paid a retired BT/Open Reach engineer to install it and checkout my master socket etc. He rewired the whole thing.

My internet connection is now excellent, speeds of 19.14 mbps download & 1.09 upload.

I prefer wired connections where possible; the wi fi has improved with the new router and our house is very thick walled and spread out.

Life with Plus Net these last 14 years has sometimes been bumpy but for the most part they have sorted all the problems out and in some instances have given me refunds to compensate for issues.

One's speed etc depends upon their situation but browse through any internet provider's website & there are countless recommendations to purchase a better router. It may not help in your case, there again it might.