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WoW... WTF happened to Plusnet!?

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WoW... WTF happened to Plusnet!?

I am staggered... I have been a Plusnet customer for over 10 years and have recommended and referred many customers.... And today for the first time I am considering leaving and no longer referring . What the hell happened to 24/7 award winning support? Tonight when I needed help all I got was hang on hold for 45 minutes buster and you might get an answer... Looked at the service call logs and noticed it was quiet around 10:00pm so decided to call back then.... Duh.... it is quiet then because you shut up shop! Did you ever think to advise your old customers you were reducing the level of support time from 24/7?
Anyway apparently unless you ring at 3.00PM  you can look forward to a 30/45 minute wait to speak to a human... appalling.
Are you serious? I have a problem with the service you provide and you expect me to hang on the phone for 30-45 minutes for a response and still blow the trumpet about customer service... the mind boggles!
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Re: WoW... WTF happened to Plusnet!?

You may want to see if PN Chat feature can assist?
The reduction in operating hours has a lot of angry threads on here, but there's no chance
of it returning, unless you're on a John Lewis/Waitrose package.