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Wireless Printer and Plusnet Thomson Router

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Wireless Printer and Plusnet Thomson Router

Hi there,
I have Plusnet ADSL2+ with the Thomson router.  My desktop PC is ethernet cabled to it, and I also use wirless devices to connect to it.  This all works fine, and has done for a few months.  No problems.
I recently bought a wirelss printer (HP 5510).  It connects to the Thomson router over wireless fine, and it gets an IP address.  However, my desktop cannot ping the printer (via the router).  I'm guessing there is a setting on the router that I need to configure to make it route traffic between my desktop (and any other wireless device) to the printer via the router, but I can't see anything obvious.
Can anyone help/ have any ideas, or has anyone had this problem before ?
Note I also have a Virgin Media cable internet connection with a wireless cable router (again, I cable connect my desktop to this, and connect wireless clients to it).  Using the Virgin Media router, the printer connects fine, and my dekstop can ping the printer ok.  So it definitely appears to be a problem with the Thomson router.
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Wireless Printer and Plusnet Thomson Router

There've been similar reports recently from others with Epson printers, I'll try to find a relevant thread.
[Edit] Maybe the same problem as here:,107044.0.html (Reply 8 may be a solution).
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