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Wifi disconnects exactly every 3 minutes

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Wifi disconnects exactly every 3 minutes

Apologies if this has been brought up before.
I bought plusnet a week or so ago. Usually the internet works fine with good speeds etc. I can connect to the Wifi, however exactly every 3 minutes I get disconnected for around 30 seconds and then automatically get reconnected. This goes round in an indefinite loop every 3 minutes.
I have windows xp. When I hover the mouse over the wifi signal strength icon in the bottom right hand corner its says the status is authenticating. I'm sure this is where the problem lies in that my laptop mustn't be properly configured to my router, hence the authenticating status.
I have logged onto the modem ( thomson gateway to try to configure to the router. I did successfully manage to do this once and the status changed from authenticating to connected. After this it no longer disconnected every 3 minutes. However since I switched off my laptop after this occasion the disconnecting problem has come back and I haven't been able to solve it again. To be honest I can't exactly remember how i solved it the first time but i believe it was by following the configuration wizard on the system configuration page but running this now no longer solves the problem. 

Any ideas please of how to sort this out...?
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Re: Wifi disconnects exactly every 3 minutes

There can be compatibility problems between WPA wireless security and older wireless adaptors and/or older versions of XP.  As a temporary measure only, try changing the wireless security on the router to WEP, select a suitable hexadecimal password then see if your computer will connect.
Check that your computer is running XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).  If you right click My Computer and select properties the information at the top of the page should tell you which service pack you have installed.  You might also need to download and install the latest drivers for your wireless adaptor.