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Wifi device reconnections

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Wifi device reconnections

Hi all,


I’ve  been on plusnetnet for a week now and have an issue with devices reconnecting to WiFi. 

Everything is fine over wired ethernet

everything is fine over WiFi for permanently connected devices. 


The issue is with devices returning to the wireless network , for example laptops being started up and iPads returning to the house. 

When this happens the device won’t reconnect.  When I try to connect the device (select the network/SSID and enter the password) it fails  


the only recovery is to reboot the router  then everything is ok until another device needs to reconnect  


the router is Sagemcom 2704N, I think it’s referred to as hub zero


the firmware is 7.275.11_F2704N_Plusnet


has anyone else had this issue.? Any help appreciated  


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Wifi device reconnections

Hi there, 


I've not come across that specific problem with the Hub Zero router before but it would be a good idea to try a factory reset if you haven't already: 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Wifi device reconnections

It’s a frequently occurring problem with the 2704n routers. When in the state you describe, though previously connected WiFi devices can still access the internet, I found that they could not access Ethernet connected devices such as printers.

This has been raised before but not ironed out with the product suppliers. Personally I suspect that this is a DHCP issue within the router.

A quick reboot of the router clears the issue ... until next time!

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