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WiFi on iphone slower than laptop

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WiFi on iphone slower than laptop

Can anyone suggest a solution?  My laptop wifi is fine but about 10 days ago WiFi in my iphone has been ridiculously slow.  I've checked the latency which varies between 27ms to 130ms and tried changing channels too but its made no difference.  Whenever I click on a notification on Facebook on my phone it takes ages to react but on my laptop is very quick! 

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Re: WiFi on iphone slower than laptop

What router do you have? If it's a Plusnet Hub One then try separating the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, instructions are here

Try each band in turn and use the best.

If you have a Plusnet Hub Zero then be aware that the WiFi performance of these single band routers is dire.Go onto EBay where you can get a BT Smarthub 6 for around £20.

You need the FTTC version which has four yellow LAN sockets. Avoid the FTTP version which has a red WAN sticker over one of the LAN sockets. Setting instructions are here

Again you need to separate the bands and use the best.

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Re: WiFi on iphone slower than laptop

Hi @wildlife1 


The link @Baldrick1 gave for the H1 wifi diagnostic and changes would be a good place to start. 


please let us knwo hwo these go for you.