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WiFi lost connection

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WiFi lost connection

I had amazing connectivity for two years on all devices both ethernet and wifi.

Renewed contract before christmas and within two days starting losing wifi all over the place.

No changes to our use or devices but now I keep losing connection to iphones,alexa,apple tv, and even the extenders have stopped being reliable.

Split the system to both 2.4 and 5 but cannot get the house back to normal.

Have changed the micro filter after engineer visited.

Having weak security issues and iphones are now a joke unless in the same room as the router.

Any ideas or do I just need a new Router Huh

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Re: WiFi lost connection

Renewed contract - what changed? ADSL to FTTC? Different router?

What colour are the lights on the router when your devices report no connection?

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Re: WiFi lost connection

Not sure where you are located but I am having the same issue. WiFi continually drops out throughout the day - maybe 5-6 times every hour. Not great when working from home with multiple zoom meetings. We are located in Camden London area.
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Re: WiFi lost connection

Hello @jcchef

Thanks a lot for getting in touch and I'm really sorry to hear that you're having connection issues. These won't be anything o do with the fact that you've re-contracted, but are likely due to issues with the line itself, and / or the wireless connection within the premises.

Can I ask, are you having these issues on both wired and wireless devices? I'll pop a visual radius below, its not spotless, but does show that the line is relatively stable for the most part.

I'm just trying to establish the source of the issues, if found to be the wireless connection, I'll be able to run a Smart Wireless Scan fro my end, which finds the best WIFI channels for your router, and sets them accordingly.

You'd be able to do this on your end by downloading a third party WIFI analyser to be honest, but I'd be more than happy to do it. 

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds