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WiFi but no internet access

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Registered: ‎27-03-2020

WiFi but no internet access

Hi plusnet team,

I've lost connection to internet from all devices for 24 hours. WiFi connection is there and blue light on router. Tried quick fixes and resetting, internet returned for 5 mins then left again.

Please can I have some help?

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Re: WiFi but no internet access

Try changing wifi channel on router & ensure, if 2 channel router, you give the 5ghz connection a different SSID
to router's other frequency.
Secondly d/load a free wifi analyser programme; scan and see which channels most in use in your locale;
use the least used.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: WiFi but no internet access

Hi @flewis2689 and I'm sorry to hear you're having connection issues as of recent.

I can see from looking at your connection graph below that there certainly looks to be something out of place somewhere and when testing your line we are picking up an external fault which very well could be behind the loss of connection and intermittent drops seen.



I have raised the fault up with our suppliers who have given us the standard 2 working day turn around time and estimated response time of 02/07/20 by 23:59. Keeping in mind this is the very latest a engineer would be out to investigate the issue and it could be resolved sooner. I've raised a fault ticket on your account and placed it on hold until the morning of 03/07/20 so our faults team can check to see if your issue has been resolved.
The fault I've raised can be seen here.