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WiFi Connection Problems - I've tried everything

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WiFi Connection Problems - I've tried everything

Hi everyone,


Have a look at this YouTube video to see what problem I'm having:


In my apartment, I have four Amazon Echo devices. They have all worked fine for the best part of a year. About a month or so ago, they started playing up, in the way shown on the video. I'd be listening to the radio (using them as a bluetooth speaker was fine), and then the sound would just drop for a second or two, and then come back.


My first thought was, it's just a faulty Echo. And then I realised it was happening to all of them. I have one which is about 6 meters away from the router, and another which is about 15 meters away. Oddly enough, the one which was 6 meters away was more tempremental that the one further away.


Here's what I've tried:


1) I've lifted the router up so that I'd now about a metre higher than it was

2) I've made sure that no cables are crunched up near it

3) I've moved it away from any metal; it's now next to some wood and some plastic

4) I've reset the router

5) I've split the wifi networks to a seperate 2.4 and 5ghz. The Echos which were most tempremental were on the 5ghz. I've now manually connected them to the 2.4

6) I've moved the wifi channel away from 'smart' to 1, 6 and 11. This manual change made it worse, so I changed it back.


As another example of the problem, my PS4 (which is not that far away and no brick walls are nearby) is only showing a 'fair' internet connection. It gets a download of 3mb and an upload of 1mb. When I'm on other devices, I can stream in HD with no problem. I'm connected to 2.4 now on my phone, and get 71 down and 20 up.

I've spoken to Plusnet who have said that my internet hasn't dropped for nearly two weeks. It must be a problem with my WiFi network.


PLEASE would someone help me? Please.

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Re: WiFi Connection Problems - I've tried everything

Just to add - I've reset each of the Echos, and the problem still occurs.


I also have some wifi lightbulbs which keep dropping offline too. I think it must be due to the same issue.


This had all worked fine for 11 months, and now this. Sad

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Re: WiFi Connection Problems - I've tried everything

Two possibilities

1) Someone has moved in close by and their WiFi signal is now interfering with yours. You should probably download one of the WiFi analysis programmes and have a look to see what other signals are in range and potentially overlapping. I personally use WiFi Analyser (Kevin Yuan) on an android smartphone - but here are many others.

2) The WiFi on your router may be  failing. One of the functions of WiFi analyser is to plot the SNR of a WiFi signal over time. If its not obviously interference ( step 1) then fire up the analyser and leave it running in a fixed location for a while. See if the WiFi signal varies significantly, and if the variation correlates with your Echo's stuttering.

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Re: WiFi Connection Problems - I've tried everything

Hi Wisty,

Thanks for your reply.


OK - I've just spoken to Amazon who have said that this is a 'known issue'. So, basically, this isn't a wifi issue at all.


I'm on Windows. Please would you recommend a WiFi analysis programme that I can download and have running? I would like to know what my WiFi is like?





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Re: WiFi Connection Problems - I've tried everything

When did the problem start?

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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Re: WiFi Connection Problems - I've tried everything

@SiEcho You could try 'inSSIDer' there are still free versions available.