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Wi-Fi keeps dropping out

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Wi-Fi keeps dropping out

For months now my wifi has been dropping out intermittently.
I’ve followed all the help steps that I can but I can’t check my phone line as I don’t have a phone and also can’t plug a computer directly in either.
Sometimes it comes back on within a couple of minutes before I’ve had chance to reboot etc.
It seems to be getting worse. I, like many others, rely on broadband to work from home and run my business. I’m at the end of my tether and considering getting a new provider.

Can anyone provide me with simple steps to get this sorted (I’m not very good with technology) or how to get in contact with someone at plusnet who can help me?

Thank you
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Re: Wi-Fi keeps dropping out

You must buy a landline to perform Openreach's QUIET LINE test; if line is noisy, ADSL will keep falling over.
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Re: Wi-Fi keeps dropping out

WiFi issues are not always a problem with the router or incoming line. If the line is going up and down, then this will be shown up in the connection logs that PN have, and if its a line issue connecting and disconnecting regularly, then the line training profile would normally kick in dropping the line speed to an acceptable level at which it becomes stable.

Most WiFi issues are usually locally based, thick walls, great distance between router and device, a rubbish microwave oven, some other rubbish electrical item causing electrical interference or badly designed receiving device. Also there is a finite limit as to how many channels are available on the WiFi spectrum of tunable channels. If you have a PC or Android (possibly a mac/phone/pad) an app/program called a  `wifi scanner` will list all the WiFi around you. setting your channel(s) to a cleaner part of the available channels can also help

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Wi-Fi keeps dropping out

Good morning @natasha5, thanks a lot for getting in touch and I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused here. I can imagine this becoming really frustrating. 

I've tested the line this morning, and can see that it's being affected by a high voltage issue. I've raised this with Openreach though and we're hoping to have the issue resolved by 28/06/2022. I've also created an open fault ticket on the account, which you'll be able to both view and comment on here

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds