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Why is my IP profile locked at 2mbps

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Why is my IP profile locked at 2mbps

My connection speed has been at 3008 kbps since Sunday 22Nov. On Tuesday morning I ran a BT speedtest to find out my IP profile as I knew that since my connection speed had not changed via a resync for almost 48 hours that my IP profile should have changed to 2.5. The BT test showed my IP profile was indeed 2.5. Now after 4 days 23 hrs my IP profile is still at 2.0. I have this problem constantly ie that my profile is never increased, but is dropped at a moments notice when applicable. Having spoken to PN on numerous occasions the answer has always been that my Profile is locked at 2.0 for some reason but PN will act accordingly and do what ever they need to to set the right profile. I think it may be called a reset?
I want to know who is locking my profile. BT don't seem to be responsible otherwise I assume that the BT test would state that despite my connection speed my profile would be registered at 2.0. I therefore have to come to the conclusion that this is done by PN.
I am also told that my line is a 1mb line and that it is over performing. Great news !! My normal profile is 2.0 and has always worked at that level within the
2272-2816kbps range so it it apparently always over performing. However i do get instances where my line via DLM resync will actually connect higher and I wish to enjoy the additional higher speed download benefits of the higher connection speed. It may only last a few days but it is what I want.
Please therefore unlock my profile and let DLM take care of the profile setting accordingly and not lock my profile.
Attached snapshot 1 clearly shows my DSL Uptime in the bottom left hand corner.
Snapshot 2 is my BT Speedtest of 24Nov clearly showing BT's Profile setting at 2.5
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Re: Why is my IP profile locked at 2mbps

I don't understand your post - you are saying your IP Profile is still at 2 when your screen shot is clearly showing it is 2.5.
Are you actually referring to your Plusnet current line speed as shown here: which should be set to the same as your IP Profile (rounded down to 100kbps multiple)?
If that is the issue a call or chat to request setting of your current line speed is all that is required.
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