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Why is avery page not working

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Why is avery page not working

If you try to go to any page starting with you get a "refused connection" error message


so if you get a payment not recieved message asking to go to you are refused connection so you cannot pay the bill etc

this has been going on now for at least a year and nobody is bothered it seems

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Re: Why is avery page not working

The pay link works for me. Maybe you are only locked out if you are blocked all access to the Internet for not paying your bill?

Don't you have to ring in this case to ask for 14 days to pay?

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Re: Why is avery page not working

This is a known symptom of not having a direct debit or payment card registered on the account.  Having these in place prevents a user from falling into payment failure conditions when the bill is due - the date the invoice is raised.  It is an easy enough solution, within the hands of all users.

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