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Where's my broadband?!

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Registered: ‎22-08-2014

Where's my broadband?!

I see sbpuser has had the same problem that I've got.
My service too was due to be activated on the 20th August and I've got nothing, nada, zippo.
You seem to have fixed his problem pretty quick.  Can you do this for me too?
I was really looking forward to using my new service...
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Registered: ‎18-08-2014

Re: Where's my broadband?!

Hi Newbie113
I appreciate your patience on this  Smiley
Looking over your account, I can see everything looks good in terms of your orders.
I have noticed one niggle with your phone fault though (90497821 ) that I've passed on
to one of our phone faults guys. He'll chase this then get an update back to you regarding it as soon as he can.