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Whenever it starts raining, connection stops working

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Whenever it starts raining, connection stops working

I have a weird problem with my broadband connection which I have been using for 5-6 months now at the same address. 

Whenever it starts raining the connections stops working and I have the flashing orange light showing on the router for anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes. Then it behaves itself (even if it continues to rain) and stays stable. 

This issue is independent of the amount of rain, the duration of the rain or virtually anything else, so it's just at the start ... if  the weather is unkind to me and rain comes and goes my internet will come and go with it. 


The trouble is that I'm working from home and use my broadband for everything including phonecalls (as my GSM reception is very spotty), video interviews, managing servers, working directly with clients over video links. I dread whenever I see clouds coming as I know it will be a hell of a workday for me. 


Do you think you could do anything with this one? If an engineer could come out and check for any obvious faults with the line or the exchange which could possibly present this issue it would be highly appreciated as otherwise I'm indeed very satisfied with your service speeds and stability barring rainy days.

Thanks in advance for your kind help on this strange one. 

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Re: Whenever it starts raining, connection stops working

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Re: Whenever it starts raining, connection stops working

Hi @lpds, I'm sorry to hear you're having connection issues. Checking the connection from this side we are certainly seeing a lot of drops on your connection shown on the graph below:

The good news is that it looks like the fault report tool you used yesterday on the member center has highlighted a external looking issue to our suppliers and upon checking the fault today the workload looks to be assigned to a engineer who will be out either later today or tomorrow to investigate what's causing the drops.
I'd advise then from here to monitor things your side and hopefully we should see those drops come to an end however if you're still seeing the issue come tomorrow evening feel free to get back to us so we can progress the fault with our suppliers in getting this resolved for you.