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What speed is acceptable?

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Registered: ‎13-09-2016

What speed is acceptable?

Long story short - in the last 6 weeks speed dropped and dropped to 0.2meg, (yes, I do mean 0.2mg)  3 engineer visits, new wiring from the pole to the house, new router, etc  Speeds dropped to 0.09mg.  Tickets opened and not looked at for over 10 days, and then reply just asking me to test the ADSL box which had been tested so many times.  Brick wall and head come to mind.

Engineer thinks problem is in the exchange.  No-one reads engineers reports. 

Call Plusnet yet again, and apparently 0.2mg is acceptable, but nothing runs, cannot even log into my bank account as it times out.  I wonder what I am paying for?

I have been with Plusnet for years, so when did the attitude of not caring for the customer come in?  How do I get someone to do something so I can actually use the internet?