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What's with the new forums?

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Registered: ‎17-09-2007

What's with the new forums?

Hi everyone,
I've not been on the boards for a while.
But noticed my connection has been a bit slow recently and thought I'd check the boards to see if anyone else is experiencing the same.
Anyways, I'm confused with all this user community stuff. What happened to the original boards? Why the change?
And how are folks finding it?
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Re: What's with the new forums?
They have combined all the various plusnet branded products into a single message board and since this started they have also combined everyone into a single portal.
Note: this is also a fully open forum for everyone to see unlike the other forums which were for logged in users only.
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Re: What's with the new forums?

Hi Benskia,
Could you possibly raise a fault by going to so that we can get some detailed diagnostics analysis on your line?  that way we may be able to highlight any areas where we can make improvements on your line.