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What does this mean??

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What does this mean??

Not sure if this is the right forum section or not.
I was going through all the messages in help and support and was just curious what this latest one meant?
Provisioning of your ADSL Account Information
BT Reference Number set to xxxxxxxxxx. BT Circuit Number set to xxxxxxxxxx.

My fibre broadband was installed and activated on Friday and has been working great since.
Is this message in reference perhaps to the phone line switch over from BT to Plusnet?
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: What does this mean??

Hi there,
It's us adding your service identifier (BBIP number) to your account. This is assigned for each service when an order is placed, but we need it should we need to raise any faults or modify the service in any way. It's also the unique identifier we use to receive speed profile updates and order updates etc.
Hope that helps explain.