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Webcams on a LAN

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Webcams on a LAN

I want to use my webcam on a LAN to be able to "baby-sit" from my home office to another room in the house !  Does anyone know how I can do this using two pcs on a LAN ?
I have managed to do it using two Skype accounts on a single broadband connection, and it works fine, but it seems an overkill, and possibly an inappropiate use of broadband bandwidth.
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Re: Webcams on a LAN

Having just this week purchased a USB web cam I was wondering the same thing. A bit of research (Google) all seems to point to the same way of doing it.
Either install a web server (such as Apache) and software to upload the stream to the server and ‘broadcast’ it or install a combined FTP server and stream uploader to do it all in one.
So far all the combined software I have found is shareware or proprietary and cost money (mostly US $) but lots have a free trial if you want to try them out.
Some come with a client application and some use either your browser or Windows Media-player.
My web cam is treated as a TWAIN device and as such I can see it in Digital Image Pro and Nero Vision and can record snapshots or full motion video so it should not be to difficult to stream it over the LAN.
Regards, P.