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Waiting since 5th Oct for internet

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Waiting since 5th Oct for internet

Can't get through on chat or phone. Always busy. Signed and paid for line in advance in September but still don't have broadband. Don't think my phone line has been connected but can't get through to tell anyone. I moved to get the Plusnet service which is so far non existent ! Can I get a refund if can't get any services ? Don't know what else to do ?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Waiting since 5th Oct for internet



I've had a look at your account and your orders completed some time ago now. I'd like to check a few things if possible, the order we've placed was a new line installation. Normally this means an engineer would have attended to activate your services with ourselves but the appointment was stripped off and a socket activated remotely.


I'm assuming you're still plugged into the socket for your old provider? Did they install a socket as part of their install or did they use the existing Openreach socket and install a coaxial box? 


Do you have any other Openreach sockets in your premises? If so could you plug a phone in to them one by one and dial 17070 and see if the number that'll I'll confirm on this ticket is read back to you. If one of them does then the socket's changed and you'll need to plug your equipment into there.