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Very unhappy

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Very unhappy

Very unhappy with plusnet. Called Monday to see when I’d be going live as have been waiting almost a month. Was told it would be yesterday anytime up until 12 am. I haven’t recieved email or text stating my broadband is now live. And I have plugged everything in and I’m still not live after 24hours. Very unhappy new customer here if this isn’t sorted today I will be leaving and finding a new company to use. As I have waited long enough 😔
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Re: Very unhappy


Beware!  The cancellation period starts the day you signed up. If this was a month ago you will be liable for cancellation charges.


Have you received a message saying that the service has been set up and ready for you to connect? If so then try this::

  1. Try a factory reset of the hub by pushing a paperclip or similar in to the reset hole and hold the switch closed for about 30 seconds.
  2. Leave it 10 minutes or so and see if that fixes it,

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Log in to the hub by putting in the address field of your web browser.
  2. On the broadband page (I think, you may need to look through the pages to find it, depending on which hub you have) you should find the username. If it’s then it hasn’t configured itself.
  3. Remove the DSL cable.
  4. Change the username to your account username in the form <username>
  5. Enter your account password.
  6. Plug the DSL cable back in.
  7. If it doesn’t try to connect select Connect (again you may need to look through the pages to find it).

If you have not received the message then the date will probably been changed due to the lack of Openreach technician availability. Hopefully a Plusnet staffer will come along soon and comment on this.

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