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Very slow wifi with Hub Zero router

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Registered: ‎02-07-2016

Very slow wifi with Hub Zero router

Just moved over to PlusNet (on Friday) - connected to broadband over WiFi using supplied router - very slow access ~1mbps so internet unusable (previously getting ~12-14mbps. Contacted support, spent about 2 hours trying to resolve problem - was getting ~15mbps over wired connection. Assumption was router was faulty, so got sent a new router - but no better.

I have reconfigured my old router, and get ~15mbps over WiFi - so the broadband link is fine.

When I checked network settings on my Windows 10 laptop - the PlusNet router comes up with WiFi connection speeds of 5.5mbps but the old router (2007 vintage) comes up as 65mbps. This is testing within 3 feet of router - I get the same 65mbps from the old router even when upstairs in the bedroom.

Any ideas - I've been into the router settings and tried 54mbps, 150mbps and 300mbps to no effect ?

I've used a couple of laptops, one old and one brand new, and an android tablet and phone - really at a loss.