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Very slow upload and download drop outs

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Very slow upload and download drop outs

We have been trying to get this fixed via phonecalls for weeks. we have a new router but still upload is never better than 0.37. Download is sometimes ok but we have frequent drop outs where the whole thing just drops out completely. all tests on wireless. I have unplugged everything else I can think of so I don't think there is interference from other devices in the house. HELP!

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Re: Very slow upload and download drop outs

@irenemacbain  Welcome to the forums

As you say you are using Wireless (wi-Fi) there is very little PlusNet or any other ISP for that matter can do, since its outside there control, its totally dependant on issues around you, from walls, neighbours wi-Fi fighting for the very limited bandwidth available for wi-Fi, and getting worse with lots more devices etc being Wi-Fi enabled.

Wired connections are much better and upload/download speed will be based on that for your internet connection not Wi-Fi.

One thing you could try (I am assuming here you have a PlusNet Hub one router) is logon to the router and then split the two Wi-Fi bands 2.4 and 5Ghz so they don't have the same SSID. This can sometimes help a bit.