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Very slow broadband

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Registered: ‎13-10-2015

Very slow broadband

My broadband speeds get slower and slower. They will soon be non existent. I have tried all the things on the usual checklist but I cannot find anything wrong. The telephone line seems ok the only thing wrong is the speed. Are Plusnet only giving speeds above 1mbps to new customers?

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Re: Very slow broadband

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): Topic moved to a more appropriate board.

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Re: Very slow broadband

Hi @cariad24


Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your speed. 


I have tested your circuit and can find no reason for this - as fa as we can see on our side. 


I have been unable to test your phone line/connection due to us not being your WLR3 provider - there is a chance that you are experiencing phone issues which are also affecting you broadband connection. 


Can I please ask you to contact you Phone Provide and ask them to test your line? 


Let us know what they say,


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Re: Very slow broadband

last week I checked my mothers Broadband, it was download speed below 0.4MBS, called support, they fixed it, and said to monitor it for a week. Was unable to do that due to work, Now I am back to check it, and the BT performance test wont even run. An alternative test gave below .04 again. This is a disgusting service level for the amount you charge, Have tried calling suppoprt, 40 min wait.... joke Steve
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Re: Very slow broadband

Sorry to hear that Steve.

Our tests are showing the line dropping frequently which would be the cause of the speed issues you're experiencing.

Unfortunately line tests aren't showing the cause of the problem so I'd recommend running through the troubleshooting steps at completing the process to report a fault to us.

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