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Very slow and no help

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Very slow and no help


Broadband has been dropping out and running very slow for months now - decided to upgrade to fibre in the hope foolish was that.

Initially was ok but over the past 2 weeks often no connection at all - did a few speed tests when could connect and comes out at between 1.02 and 6 MBPS - estimate given for fibre broadband was 47-59 MBPS - speed test done around 8 times now. Losing the will to live.......does anyone from PlusNet take a look at these posts, I wonder.....

Rang the helpline today and found waiting time was 'around one hour' - less than impressed. Thought I'd try to log a fault online but cannot find a way of doing this. Website has no live chat available and only redirect me to call and wait for an hour or more........Dead loss.

Maybe I'll take it up with Ofcom if it's not sorted soon - what choice do I have?

If any one on this forum would be kind enough to let me know how I can log a fault without it taking up several hours of my time that would be appreciated.

Even better, if someone from PlusNet could actually proactively get in touch and help resolve the problem? I guess this would be possible from my login details?



Many thanks








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Re: Very slow and no help