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Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge

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Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge



I am a PlusNet broadband customer with 50MB webspace which I've used on and off for years. Last week, some friends recorded a spoof Christmas carol which went surprsingly viral.

PlusNet, in this generous season of Advent, have made my whole webspace vanish! Not very seasonal.

The whole point of webspace is that anyone anywhere can access it. What is the point of unusable unstable webspace which explodes like Nitroglycerine as soon as a few people access it?

Do I "take precautions" by having completely uninteresting web files on say "Global survey on rotation of luggage carousels at international airport hubs; Left or Right?"

This is [Removed] (spelling to avoid censorship), not PlusNet!



Pompous email follows

"Dear Customer,
It has come to our attention that in the last 24 hours your website
has exceeded its bandwidth allowance by a significant amount.
Unfortunately, because of the amount over the limit, your site has
been archived.  Please contact us through the website if you want
your site to be restored. - we cannot do this by email or over the
Your website used 628656 KB OVER its bandwidth transfer
allowance during the last 24 hours."

"A condition of your site being restored is that you take precautions to ensure that
future levels of usage don't exceed what is allowed on your account."

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Re: Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge

In NewSpeak, has my PlusNet webspace been "plussed" then? Then I think that mathematically, the webspace and the carol must have been mathematically negative for it to equal zero today Smiley

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Re: Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge

I asked on Monday for it to be restored as Question #139450066. Now it is Friday, and they haven't bothered even looking at the ticket. So much for 24 hour closure time. I have promised not to put anything remotely popular or fun on it to keep the joyless mandarins running the service happy.

All they need to do is press an undelete button.

I do find it very strange that PlusNet would be selling unstable webspace which self-destructs at the slightest hint of usage. That sound like sharp practice and/or breach of contract in what a "webspace" service could be legally defined as.

By all means put a cap on outgoing traffic. But summary deletion and then ignoring reasonable requests for restoration is way out of order.


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Re: Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge


Sorry for the delay in picking this up, I'll go restore it now and it should be available within the next 15 minutes.

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Re: Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge

Many thanks! I will be careful about not putting anything very popular on it. But I bet that it self-destructs again. (This is the 2nd time) Isn't there a better way?

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Re: Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): I have changed the fix to Chris as per message #4.

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Re: Vanished Webspace = PlusNet Scrooge

@DKP wrote:

Isn't there a better way?

Yes, familiarise yourself with the data and bandwidth allowances of your free website (as given in the terms and conditions) or pay for hosting with larger allowances with another company.

Also, if what you put on your website contains images or other large items, putting those elsewhere (e.g. and linking them in from your Plusnet page might enable you to keep within the Plusnet allowances.


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