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VPN solved - but wierd

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VPN solved - but wierd

I can't help feeling that the Plusnet firewall behaviour has changed over the last few weeks for my connection. My work laptop VPN client stopped working about a month and a bit ago.
It all turned out to be the admittedly accurately documented "Low" setting for the PN Firewall.
Fine, except I had not changed this for a very long time - in fact for over a year since the PN Firewall software service was installed in Jan/Feb 2007. I run a web server at home, and had it set to HIGH except for http and https and ran VPN successfully for all of that time since. Somehow, sometime in June/early-July this year the firewall behaviour for VPN appeared to change and HIGH +HTTP/HTTPS suddenly stopped passing VPN.
Low settings state that it blocks port 80, so I now need to determine if I am in the odd situation of needing both http and VPN, and therefore forced to use "Off". mmm
Is this a result of me changing my charging status with PN (from Broadband+ to YourWay)? Was there a fault in the firewall rules that let VPN through on HIGH setting for over a year? Or was this just a change in policy? If I missed an announcement, I'd like to know where these announcements are made please?
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Re: VPN solved - but wierd

As far as I know there's been absolutely no changes to the running of the broadband firewall since it's implementation.
I'm also not aware of any problems with how it's been working.