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VPN Country Change

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VPN Country Change



This is just a general question, as I can't seem to find anything with regards to this issue either in the terms and conditions or elsewhere in the forum (though admittedly I have not through every single post), so if this question has been asked and answered previously then I apologise.


My question is this. 

If I want to take advantage of 'regional pricing' for games, tv shows etc am I breaking the terms and conditions laid out by Plusnet for using a VPN thus changing my country to take advantage of this.

I am aware that this is probably a 'very' grey area, but would just like some general advice.



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Re: VPN Country Change

From a legal perspective, my lay-man's reading (I am not a lawyer) of the T&Cs mean you can do what you like as long as it is legal, doesn't adversely impact other internet users, and doesn't interfere with Plusnet's operations. So using a VPN within those limits should be fine (I use several different VPNs for several different purposes).

From a practical perspective, Plusnet are unlikely to be able police any use of a VPN anyway. Many people use VPNs to connect to employer's networks (I do) which is entirely valid. Plusnet couldn't look inside a VPN tunnel without a court order (even if it wasn't encrypted), so there's little they could object to unless you are connecting to a server which is only used for illegal purposes - in which case it would be likely to be blocked by a court order anyway.

You just have to judge whether your intended usage would be considered illegal (in the UK).

Thought for the day : Laws only impact law-abiding people.