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VPN Always on unable to connect?

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VPN Always on unable to connect?

In the last 10 days I have not been able to connect to my work VPN.  This has not been an issue previously.

the address is  We use alwayson

My ICT department have suggested several things none of which have worked.

we turned off safeguard, firewall and enabled port clamping.

we turned the router off for an hour to try and force the router to find a new IP address but it was still the same

please can you let me know what has changed and the reason I can no longer access VPN in order to work at home?  My ICT department suggested that my DNS settings may need updating to some servers that work?  I look forward to your help

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Re: VPN Always on unable to connect?

@JamesLucas  Welcome to the forum.

If you go into your Plusnet account you can add a fixed IP address for a one off charge of £5.

If you go into your computer settings you can set your choice of DNS servers rather than use the default Plusnet pair.


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