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VNC problems getting into work network whilst WFH

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Registered: ‎31-03-2020

VNC problems getting into work network whilst WFH


Work have sent me home with a couple of laptops to work from home and connect to the work network. After failing to connect I tried setting up my mobile as a WiFi hotspot, and that worked.  The tech guys at work say my bb provider are stopping me making the connection using my home bb - something to do with VNC's. 

I have unlimited fibre.

I can't use my mobile for long as it's absolutely burning through data - nearly 2gb used in 3 hours so far.

Is there a setting somewhere I need to activate, or a switch I need to push? Or is it more complicated? I'm on hold to speak to Plusnet as I type, but this horrible hold music is making me want to cut my ears off!!! Lol!!

Please advise!