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Useless evening broadband

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Useless evening broadband

Had no problems with broadband until this week, every night from around 8pm until early next morning, my broadband has been so slow it’s pretty much useless. I get that it’s been the Christmas hols, and busier, but speeds don’t return to usable until early hours of next day. There is only me in the house, and I’m a relatively low user of broadband, however speeds make using Netflix or even internet browsing pointless. I can’t contact customer services via chat, cos, no internet, and phone takes too long.

Ive tried speedchecks, most of the time can’t even get a connection in order to check speed,! Managed this evening, 1mbps.....or less

This isn’t the service I’m paying for, what’s the point if I can only use internet for a few hours a day after work?

not happy

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Re: Useless evening broadband

Have you tried wired connection using Test Socket within your Openreach Master Socket?
If using wifi, try changing channel.
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Re: Useless evening broadband

Or how is your phone line? Dial  option 2, is it quiet?

You will not get good broadband speeds if you phone line is noisy. 

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Re: Useless evening broadband


Hi @ruby40


Thanks for getting in touch.


I've tested your connection and it's syncing up at around 11mb/s with no drops over the last seven days.


Could you please perform a wired speed test and if this is around the same speed, focus on the wifi troubleshooting here?


If the speed is significantly lower on a wired speed test, please let us know.


Best wishes