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Usage at 98% and speed reduced dramatically

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Usage at 98% and speed reduced dramatically

Merry Christmas all! My 1st post since in the community.
Just a small questyion which I am presuming has the answer in my post title!?
Usage for the month is just shy of 24GB for the month (which I know only has two more days left in it) - my question is - even with me buying a few more GB of usage, I expect my download/browsing speed will still be hampered / throttled until the new calander month due to the fact my usage is as high?
I have been downloading a lot of large files for work and also streamed a fair bit of live football etc. At the moment Iplayer doesn't even play, just stutters. My old dial up was quicker!!
I was hoping by purchasing a few more GB this would 'undo' the throttling on my account ?
Any help appreciated,
Prior to about one day ago I was getting my usual download speeds of up to 300kb/s
With speed results showing in at around 5.2Mb for line speed.
Thanks again,
A frustrated legacy member (BBYW 2)
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Re: Usage at 98% and speed reduced dramatically

Hi russellmarshall,
It's because of the data transfer cap you have on the account. If you want to alter this then you can do this here.
Jojo Smiley