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Uprade Questions.

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Uprade Questions.

Hi guys!
Just hit my cap for the first time in months and well.. it plain sucks.. cant play WoW (main thing i use te net for) seeing as for whatever reason ping seems to be sitting at around 300 when sitting in a highly populated area (Shattrath) and can be 600+ when attempting to raid with lag spikes.. as one of the MT healers its kinda hard to heal when im getting a spike since i can lag out for 7 seconds or so.. im suppsoed to be the old 21.99 package which didnt get reduced speeds before like 6pm or something, recently ive been noticeing i cant XDCC between the oues of 1 and midnight, and if i can make a connection it runs at about 3KB/s (even before level 1 traffic shapeing occured on my account)
onto my questions!
if i upgrade today do i stay on the same package for the 13 days (duration my my monthly contract) or do i get switched and charged extra for the next 13 days?
The link above shows a chart of expected speeds at certain housr of the day on certain protocols. how are "Download sites" identified and if its just port 80 traffic, how is there an "Everything Else" which is unrestricted?
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Re: Uprade Questions.

Hi there,
Information regarding download sites is on this page, underneath the speeds for each product.
If you were to upgrade now, your new bandwidth allowance would take effect immediately and you would be billed for the difference between your current and new products.
You'll probably need to disconnect and reconnect after upgrading to see the improved speeds.