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Uploads are dangerous: Slow internet wifi

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Uploads are dangerous: Slow internet wifi

My plusnet wifi was working fine, then not.

The plusnet telephone advisor and forum posts asked me to try different things such as using a wifi analyser to see if the neighbours were affecting my signal, changing the channel number, moving the hands free phone away from the router.  Checked the router settings which seemed ok.  The plusnet advisor confirmed they were sending the required Mbps.  I even unplugged the Amazon fire stick as that was new. I even tried the speed with a Ethernet cable direct to the router.  All didn't help.

Then some wonderful post about uploading photos was affecting his router.

Now all this time I was uploading a large folder to google drive.  So I closed that tab and Wizz, speed had returned.

Hope this helps other poor souls who might be suffering slow speeds for no apparent reason.

Plusnet should advise if there are restrictions that we should be aware of.



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Re: Uploads are dangerous: Slow internet wifi

Presumable you have a Plusnet Hub Zero. These suffer badly from something called buffer bloat and it is a well known problem.

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Re: Uploads are dangerous: Slow internet wifi

Hi @jimglynt 


Sorry to hear you experienced this issue. 


It's not a "restriction" of the router, per say - @Baldrick1 is correct with his assumption of Buffer Bloat, this has all the trademark signs of it. 


The checks and test which you were asked to perform are designed to eliminate and isolate causes of latency, i'm very sorry if nobody asked if you were uploading large amounts of data at the same time, that should be one of the first things agents think of checking. 


I'm glad you managed to identify what was causing your issues. 


Please do not hesitate to get back in touch with us if you need ever need more assistance.