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Uploading something dramatically affects download

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Re: Uploading something dramatically affects download

I guessed the OP did (13Mbps d/l and the 1Mbps u/l) - I mentioned in post #9 a Hub One - the OP asked for a link - so I assumed he could be using that router.

As we know, these Hub One's are offered with PN's fibre offerings, though this does not mean that the OP didn't acquire one and is using it on an ADSL connection (If the BT Hubs work on adsl and vdsl, why wouldn't this one)




Really sorry if I have mislead anyone, therefore I shall leave this thread in the more than capable hands of my fellow peers.



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Re: Uploading something dramatically affects download

Replying mainly to help anyone else who encounters this as I've had this problem too, using the Sagemcom 2704N router.

It's almost as if all other internet access is blocked whilst uploading is taking place.

I've been searching around for solutions and so far I haven't found any - so I tried one myself. Ideally, the problem needs to be fixed on the router itself (some kind of QoS / traffic management) should do the trick, but as a temporary workaround - when it's a linux machine doing the uploading there's a program called WonderShaper which can be configured to reduce the upload speed very slightly, even by as little as 20Kbps can yield a noticeable improvement. So if your on ADSL2+ with a 1Mbps upload speed, configuring WonderShaper to restrict upload speed to 984Kbps worked well for me)

There are other posts about the same thing on these forums e.g. here and here

Hope this helps someone. There's probably something similar for Windows.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Uploading something dramatically affects download

Thanks for posting @ec5778 and welcome to our community forums.

Hopefully this will help someone else with a similar issue.



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