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Upload speed

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Upload speed


I have noticed recently that my upload speed seems to be very slow lately.

It has never been particularly fast IIRC but I don't consciously use it much, however lately I have been getting messages when gaming online (PS4) about slow broadband and whilst the download is it's usual 12ish mb, upload is hovering somewhere below 1mb.

Is this correct ? Is there any way of upping my upload speed?

I have never had these messages before so assume it must have been consistently over 1mb in the past.





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Re: Upload speed

Try running

It should give some useful stats.

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Re: Upload speed

Upload of around 1Mb/s is what I'd expect to see on an ADSL2+ line, generally you wouldn't see anything over 1.2Mb/s. I'm afraid that if you did need a higher upload speed you'd probably need to look at fibre if it's available to you.

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